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Marcos Bistro Recipes, Alvor, AlgarveWe are often being asked how a some of the dishes on Marco's menu were put together. So we thought we'd share some of them with you. We are adding a recipe here, pretty much on a monthly basis, for you to try out for yourselves at home. The first year... Enjoy!

If you do try any of them please let us know ( it's called 'feed'back ) how they turned out. Also if you come up with a variation and you are prepared to share it with us, email it to us and we'll perhaps add it as possible alternative to the original recipe on this page ( with an acknowledgement to the chef of course! ).

If you have dined with us before, you will know that we may be able change the way some of our dishes are prepared and cooked depending upon your requests. The recipes shown here are based on how we would usually prepare the dishes ( if  / when they appear on our menu ).

Marcos Bistro Recipes, Alvor, AlgarveBy the way...

You may notice that as each year progresses more than a few recipes are being attributed to people, other than Mark. So if you have a favourite recipe you wouldn't mind sharing, tell us when you visit or send it to us ( with a photograph if possible ) and we'll certainly give it a try. It could end up here and maybe even on Marco's ( or the Wine Bar's ) menu!

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The man responsible for Marcos Bistro Recipes, Alvor, Algarve
Mark White - May 2009

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