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Marco's 'Family' Gallery

Some of our own photographs of the rest of the family!

All of our pets have been 'rescues', mostly through  the charity A.P.A.A ( Associaçao de Protecçao Animal do Algarve ), the local branch is located on the Dumas complex.

September ( 2012 ) We welcomed Ms Moppet to the white (mad) house. She picked us as she arrived on our patio at Marcos on a Friday night during mid September ( roughly aged 16 weeks! ) being chased by a huge black & white tom cat! ( twice! ). The second time she was promptly rescued by Janey and lifted to safety! It was then we found she had no nails and her pads were in a terrible state. Needless to say within the week she was at home with us. Pictures of her first few days at home….


Sorry about the poor reproduction of some of the earlier pictures, they were scanned in from the original photographs.

Please click on any of the small photographs below to display a larger image, with a few picture details.

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Latest Additions

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Donna Kebab
Donna Kebab
Ollie ( Dec 08 )
Donna & Ernie
Donna & Ernie
Molly & Ollie
Tea Time!
Ollie & Molly ( Oct 09 )
Mollie ( Oct 09 )
Winters coming!
Winters coming!
Donner ( Dec 09 )
Rub my belly?
Tummy rub please
Let me in?
Let me in?
I'm in!
I'm in!
Ollie windswept
Molly - (01/2010)
Chills - (08/2010)
Chilli Sauce (08/2010)
Fat Cat & Chilli Sauce
Ernie (08/2010)
Christmas 2010
Chilli Sauce
Chilli & friend
Fatbird 09/11
Chilli 09/11
Donna 09/11
Ollie 09/11
Introducing Miss Moppet
Moppet 06/12
Dining @ Marcos
House Guest
Catching Up
Miss Moppet
Molly bathing
Ollie bathing too
The dog bed!

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