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Marco's Photo Gallery ~ 2013 ~ July

intro1 The collection of pictures for Marcos continues...
If you have managed to take photographs of your visit to Marcos or your holiday in Alvor and you are happy to share them, why not email them to us, we would be more than pleased to include them on these pages, with a suitable acknowledgement of course.

intro2 We want to do every bit as good, if not better than 2012 with this years gallery but you know we rely on you to make it happen so don't be shy, get those photographs of yours to us, and remember to smile if Jackie has got her camera out!

the details of the Gallery control options.

  • Click on any of the thumbnail photographs below to display a larger image, with picture details and acknowledgements.
  • Move the cursor outside of the enlargement to hide the title.
  • Use the mouse wheel or left / right keyboard arrow keys to move forward / backward through the enlargements.
  • Click anywhere to close the enlargement.

the privacy request.

  • Please note... If we or other guests have included any photograph(s) with you in them ( in the background etc. ) and you would rather not have it / them displayed here, please contact Marcos.

Sending us your own photos.

  • Please help... by not forgetting to include your name(s), any notes and when they were taken, its just to help out our web site publisher.

Latest Additions ~ July

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The Camerons & Baileys
Jackie, Tony & Janette
Jackie, Hilary & Janette
Don & Tony
Rob and Pauline
Terry & mate
Lisa, Caz & Ross
Mr & Mrs E
Happy Birthday Mr E
After dinner...
The Brothers
Andy, Carol & Becky
Charli & Chloe
The Weirs
Carol and Andrew
Carol, Charli & Chloe
Carole and Dave
Charli & Chloe
Laura+, Ian and Rhyan
Lisa, Ross & Gaz
Sasha, Mark and Jackie
Sasha & Greg
The Warringtons
Tricia and Martin
Carol, Andy, Sharon, Dave
Sasha & Greg
Mark, Greg & Jimmy
The Evans family
Our family Goodbye
Pat & grandson
Mark and Jackie
Eugene, Bernie & girls
Barrie & the gang
Barrie T
Barrie & Sasha
matching tongues!
Sasha & the lads
Thomas Family
Barrie & Marky
Barries 50th
Peter & Debbie
A family day out
Mr & Mrs D's 8th year

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