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Marco's Photo Gallery ~ 2008 ~ Page I

introductionIf you have a photograph of your visit to us / your holiday why not email it to us, we would be happy to include it here, with a suitable acknowledgement of course.

introduction2We have included a few of our own to start the gallery off ( some of them have been scanned, so sorry about the quality ) but we are sure yours will be better.

the details of the Gallery control options.

  • Click on any of the thumbnail photographs below to display a larger image, with picture details and acknowledgements.
  • Move the cursor outside of the enlargement to hide the title.
  • Use the mouse wheel or left / right keyboard arrow keys to move forward / backward through the enlargements.
  • Click anywhere to close the enlargement.

the privacy request.

  • Please note... If we or other guests have included any photograph(s) with you in them ( in the background etc. ) and you would rather not have it / them displayed here, please contact Marcos.

Sending us your own photos.

  • Please help... by not forgetting to include your name(s), any notes and when they were taken, its just to help out our web site publisher.

Latest Contributions ( can be found on Page III )
Thanks! Mike, Beryl & Tracy. ( rec'd 01/10/2008 )

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ASS 2008
John, Carol, Ian & Lee
Ian, 'Granny & 'Grandad'
Cheris, Ian & family
Katie & family
Mark and Jackie
Rock Lobster
Rory & Lynzi
John and Val
John and Val

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