Bar Bistro. Alvor. The Algarve. Portugal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in Portugal?

Mark has been here since 2001 and Jackie since 1997.

Where's the Beach?

Ten minutes walk or five minutes running. We can direct you, it really isn't far. Take a look at our map on the Contact page and see for yourself.

What's the weather like tomorrow?

You will have to be here to see it!
The Dunas Complex reception are normally able to give you a printed 5 day forecast.
See the chart on the left.

Is Marco's o.k. for children?

We love 'em! ( fried, grilled, boiled, you name it :). Just look through our gallery pages and you'll see its true.
Also see the food page for an example children's menu.
Oh, and make sure you tell us if theres a birthday whilst you are visiting Alvor!

Where's the nearest cashpoint?

See our Links page for brief details of most everything 'nearby'.
As for the cashpoint, there is one just outside the complex on the Estrada da Barca,  near the Pharmacy ( less than 2 minutes walk from us ).

Do you ever close?

Yes, we actually do. We are closed on Mondays.

Can you handle 'fussy' eaters?

We do our best, it helps if you tell us what you're trying to avoid, so we can recommend something to suit your taste.

I have an allergy to nuts, is there anything I can eat?

Make sure you tell us so we can advise you what is suitable on our menu.

Where can I check my email?

We have free WiFi, so you can use your smartphones and tablets.

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