Bar Bistro. Alvor. The Algarve. Portugal.

Marcos Alvor Summer Competition 2010Our 2010 Summer Caption Competition #2

'Cos we enjoyed the last one we've decided to give you another chance to win a meal with wine for two at Marcos!

  • The results are in!
  • Thanks to all who took time to send entries to our very first competition.
  • We've decided to keep the couple of runners up bit that we added last minute in competition #1.
  • The winner and runners up just need to let Mark / Jackie know when they next plan on visiting to claim their prize.

The entries so far....

  • "So, Marcos really has closed for the night then" ... N.M.
  • 1st - "Do we have to come here every time we want a fag?" ... R.W.
  • 2nd - "When Jackie said, "Let's wrap it up for the night..!" ... Mrs T.
  • "Mark I told you it was too early for Halloween, we're the only ones here !" ... Mrs H.
  • "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned!" ... R.J.
  • 3rd - "Great playing Hide 'n' Seek, they won't find us here" ... R.J.
  • 4th - "Do you think the girls will notice if we have another sneaky 'One For The Road', Mark?" ... G.W.
  • "I fink, (hiccup) we've finally sushed (hiccup) thish 'Hide & Sheek' game", slurred Mark after several brandies at the end of the night." ... G.W.
  • "Nice ASS's" ... H.E.R.
  • "What a lovely pair!" ... D.W.
  • "Some people will do anything to get a parasol before the gates are open to the pool!" ... D.W..
  • "I don't know about you Mark, but I never realised those Ku Klux Klan people had such massive heads!" ... R&D
  • "That´s the last I time I go on a balloon ride with you , if you´ve had a Marcos chilli!" ... M&S
  • "I know we´re good friends, but how far can we go?" ... J&J
  • "Do u come here often?" ... G&M
  • "I told you to bring the coats out with you ' Mark' lol" ... AG

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