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Our 2009 Winter Caption Competition #1

You had your chance to win a meal with wine for two at Marcos in 2010!

  • The results are in!
  • Thanks to all who took time to send entries to our very first competition.
  • It was just to keep you on your toes and perhaps give you something to look forward to for 2010!
  • We decided to add a couple of runners up. We'll sort something out for you when you visit us next.
  • The winner and runners up just need to let Mark / Jackie know when they next visit to claim their prize.

The entries....

  • Me Starvin’… you Jane! ... J.W.
  • "What do you mean Lisa is not paying for my double brandy" ... B.T.
  • "That was not me!..Wasn't me either" ... N.M.
  • "You've got the teeth in tonight then luv?" ... N.M.
  • "Cheers love, you have just bought a round for everyone in Marcos" ... B.T.
  • "Corr blimey! Jackie nearly has a dress on! Calm down dear! just take a few more pills!" J.P.
  • "We'll not be bothering with the breakfast then" ... K.H.
  • 1st - "Another typical 'meal for two' at Marcos" ... K.H.
  • "Blimey Jane, that red hot curry of Mark’s has gone right through me”... “Looking at the state of the Patio, Richard, I think it’s gone through your trousers and chair as well!!" ... R.
  • 2nd - "Credit crunch menu is a great idea Jane. I’m not sure about the cold tea as an after dinner Liqueur though!” ... R.
  • 3rd - "Well you might think the accident I had with the superglue is funny, but just how do I drink this brandy and that's before I work out how to comb my hair in the morning!" ... P.H.
  • "Don’t tell me, it’s not what you asked for Richard…..Tell Lisa!" ... R.

Richard & Jane aka 'The Tourists

"Another typical 'meal for two' at Marcos" ... K.H.

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