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A little bit about us

Marco's Restaurant was originally established in Alvor in July 2001 ( opposite the school entrance on the largo do Rossio Grande, for those of you who remember ) just a couple of minutes away from where we are now.
The following four years saw the ( 75 seat capacity ) restaurant go from strength to strength.
In 2005  we  re-located to to the Dunas do Alvor holiday complex, which is where you will find us to-day.

Our Bar / Bistro delivers a warm friendly welcome whether you are in our cosy bar or out on the sunny poolside terrace. Our growing number of returning guests will attest to that!

Our 2007 'portrait'Our 2010 'portrait'

We updated the 'home page' portrait in 2013, we'll do the one at the top of this page when we find a goody ( currently 2012 ). This is so you aren't shocked when you see us for real! Previous ones for 2008 and 2010 are shown immediately above, guess which is which!

Come and visit! Either for a snack, a full meal, or just a 'cuppa' and a good laugh.

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